Breathless Films is creating FEATURE FILMS that challenge the way cinema is created in Australia and abroad. We believe that the best art comes from limitation and necessity.

Responding to a lack of support for independent and emerging filmmakers in Australia, Breathless Films is establishing a sustainable film production ecosystem as a platform for a new wave of micro-budget feature films. It is our aim to support, unashamedly, contemporary film auteurs who are telling bold and uncompromising Australian stories.

Producers and founders Ulysses Oliver and Ben Ferris believe that with current lower-cost technologies and distribution platforms there is the opportunity, now as never before, to merge creative risk-taking with commercial viability.

Breathless Films aims to foster a diverse community of Sydney filmmakers from their Newtown studio, by providing facilities and resources, sharing skills and experience, connecting to industry networks, and offering much-needed cash budgets.

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