Written and Directed by Sauro Morganti

Produced by Valour Films and Breathless Films

After Rosa (30), a nurse, discovers her rare biological talent as a “Super Donor” (a person with great diversity of gut microbiota), she takes up an offer to save an ageing man, Charlie (50), who wants to buy and transplant her precious cargo for $35,000. Things begin as smoothly as they can under the circumstances, but when Rosa, under pressure from her controlling mother, Vernonia (60), succumbs to her sugar cravings, her actions have tragic consequences for Charlie, who has become dependent on Rosa’s dietary choices. Rosa, for the first time in her life is forced confront her own behavior, and will finally find the strength to face her demons – her own mother. Super Rosa is an unconventional love story, examining the unhealthy role dependency can play in our personal relationships. 

Rehearsal period late February, early March.

Filming 7th March – 14th April 2022.

Filming location: Sydney.

PLEASE SUBMIT HEADSHOT & CV by this Friday January 21st 2022 to [email protected]

And nominate a character from those listed below. A member of the production team will email successful applicants audition scenes and instructions from the director. 


ROSA (30) is a recently divorced nurse living back at home with her oppressive mother. She will take a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity as a “Super Donor” in the hopes of breaking free of her mother’s shadow. However, Rosa’s lack of control of her own diet will have tragic consequences and will force her to face up to her own behavior and the role her mother has in her life.

VERNONIA (60) is Rosa’s controlling single mother. She genuinely loves Rosa but deep-down she blames her for the death of her three year old son in order to avoid ever having to confront her own past actions. As her last remaining child, she will hold on to Rosa as tightly as she can.

VEENA (28) (Indian, Pakistani), nurse and colleague of Rosa’s. Sheis an authoritarian with a work by the book ethic. Her tough exterior easily gives way, to reveal a kind and soft hearted person. She loves money and will consider altering a minor amount of morals for it, but is a dedicated nurse full stop.

MRS DALLAS (80) (European)good natured, engaging, is on her death bed but doesn’t draw attention to it. Even though Rosa is mean and condescending towards her, Mrs Dallas tries to extend kindness and encouragement. 

ASCARI (25), good looking, pretentious, intelligent but lost in a world of image and stereotypes. Single and unfulfilled, he tries to seduce by flashing his feathers and parroting wise sounding concepts that he doesn’t understand. The goal is to score. 

DR NORI (45), (Middle Eastern). A specialist surgeon, his hardened exterior can’t contain his constant desire to help everyone. In fact he has to fight and temper it or risk a burnt out life. 

RUSSIAN MAN (80), jovial, animated, loves life. Doesn’t care what anyone thinks of his shorts, sandals and socks.