Indie Family Drama The Longest Weekend Wraps in Sydney

Tender new family drama The Longest Weekend, starring rising talent Mia Artemis (Sweet Tooth, Pieces of Her), wraps production in Sydney.

Production has wrapped on the independent family drama The Longest Weekend, the first feature film from emerging director Molly Haddon in collaboration with writer/producer Jorrden Daley and producer Rebecca Yates. 

The Longest Weekend tells the story of three disconnected siblings, Lou (Artemis), Avery (Elly Hiraani Clapin) and Rio (Adam Golledge), who, while their mother Sadie (Tammy MacIntosh) is away, unexpectedly converge on the family home over the course of a long weekend. During this rare time together sisters Lou and Avery discover that their long-absent abusive father Mark (John Batchelor) has reached out to make contact with their younger brother, Rio. The Longest Weekend is a raw and tender film about the healing power of speaking the unspoken and finding a way to move beyond your circumstances.

“I wanted to make a film that was relatable, that people could see themselves in, even in the smallest of ways,” says Director Molly Haddon. “But it’s an emotional piece that touches on some very raw elements that everyone feels but tries to avoid. Holding yourself accountable, recognising your flaws, trying to change is never easy. Our actors had to delve deep. They brought these characters to life with their dedication and their honesty, and I’m so grateful for that.”

Joining Haddon is friend and collaborator Jorrden Daley who is co-producing as well as screenwriter. “Molly and I have been talking about working together on a feature project for years,” says Daley, “We’ve always explored similar themes in our work, and this story came together so naturally, it felt like the perfect project to collaborate on.” They are joined by ARIA-nominated Director of Photography Jack Shepherd.

The creative team has joined forces with Ben Ferris and Ulysses Oliver from Breathless Films with The Longest Weekend now the third feature announced by the newly established independent production company, following Tennessine, a romantic thriller, and Lonesome, a queer love story, both currently in post-production. All three productions reflect the company’s aim to merge creative risk-taking with commercial viability for a diverse community of Australian filmmakers.

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